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Digital Marketing


Developing the website with the necessary information might not help you generate large customer engagement and user traffic. So, to reach out to the larger audience you must need something that can your anticipated buyers and that’s where our best digital marketing experts will help you. Our digital marketing services agency will help you build a strong customer base through repetitive website engagement. These services include
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world. People have become tech-savvy and are using online modes to sell and purchase products. Technology has created amazing tools and resources for the use of people.

The invention of the latest tools has connected the world. Computers are faster and more portable than ever before.

Modern technology has paved the way for numerous multi-functional devices. All the revolutions have made our life easier, faster, and better. The social world has shifted from a place of interpersonal connection to the internet, and so does the world of business. The digitally driven lifestyle has given little choice to other people

The Internet and technology have paved the way for business. Humans want convenience, and there is nothing more convenient than assessing the whole host of information in a number of clicks. Millions of people browse every day and look for various products and services.

Almost every business and company owns a website and they display their services and products to have a large influence on the audience and make their products as relatable and appealing as possible.

Developing the website with the required information is not enough to generate large organic traffic and get customer engagement. You need to anticipate buyers by taking assistance from an expert web designer.

Website design and development companies offer various best digital marketing agency services to their clients. Indus valley technology is one of the most reliable web designing and development companies offering numerous services to clients.

Whether you want web development, web designing, social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, app development, log design service, or the server-side solution, the digital marketing expert UK can assist you.

Our team of best digital marketing experts help market or advertise a business online through search engine optimization, social media, and paid channels. We offer smooth planning, organizing, and designing practices for your projects.

Some of the primary best digital marketing agency services offered by our company include

Social Media Marketing

It would be an overstatement to say that you are not aware of the power of paid social media marketing services! Social media platforms have created enormous opportunities for businesses and one of them is Social Media Marketing. If you want to build a direct connection with your customers then there is nothing more persuasive than Social media marketing. Your targeted customers are already interacting with your rivals through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and we must not need to tell you about the user’s population of each platform. So if you don’t feel the need of adapting social media marketing for your business then you are missing out on an important growth opportunity. 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The digital marketing world is changing dramatically over the period and there is no way it is going to stop in near future because of the intervention of diverse digital marketing tactics and strategies to save excessive business costs and to generate remarkable revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strong influential digital marketing channel that helps to increase your website ranking. For google algorithms, SEO backlinks are like “vote of confidence” which determines the search engine ranking based on the validity of keywords. To be on top of google ranking you must need to know which relevant keyword can generate website traffic and which can bring out the phenomenal change in your business. 


Pay Per Click(PPC)

Pay per Click (PPC) is another successful digital advertisement solution which is proved to be the most profitable, and easy marketing operation to generate website traffic. It works similar to what newspaper or magazine advertising does, just the difference is it cost-efficient, and rather than buying space you just need to pay a nominal GoogleAd fee. Moreover, your ads will be appeared in google search engines depending upon the accuracy of your keywords. This is where our professional SEO services UK team will help you. Our first step is to develop a thorough understanding of the nature of your business and create a set of focused words upon which we will create your advertisement. We are the best social media marketing service provider in United Kingdom who will help you reach your clients often earlier than your competitors by offering affordable SEO services UK that are specifically designed to meet all your PPC marketing needs. We are the best digital marketing agency services providers’ focus on working efficiently to give you a complete ROI on your business. Our services are low-cost yet quality-driven which begins with conducting keyword research leading to generating quality content for your ads followed by managing them.

Email Marketing

Constructing a stunning email is indeed a challenging task especially when you are not ready to simplify the task by investing in effective automated tools. It demands time, energy, and a lot of productive skills that hinder the work efficiency by dragging down your email just because it wasn’t much appealing. So, if you are a start-up or running a small business then email marketing is definitely for you. It is the most cost-effective marketing strategy which is a complete social media marketing managing solution. It is the greatest source of increasing ROI for your business and strengthens your brand equity. 

Email marketing establishes direct contact with your potential customers and you can have complete control over your customers. Successful email marketing depends on the selection of software so as software developers because they are the driven force behind designing efficient software that delivers your email without any disruption. Rather than paying a lot of amount to inexperienced software companies, put your company in the trust of Indus Valley Technologies We have the best digital marketing experts to deliver you an array of marketing services such as segmenting groups, managing contact lists, and monitoring the performance at affordable rates. An excellent email marketing is comprised of high-quality email newsletters through a flexible user interface moreover, amplifies other channels of social media platforms.



Silver Plan
Per Month
Facebook + Insta Marketing
Account Creation
Weekly 3 - 4 Posts
Content Creation
2000 Free Likes/Subscribers
Spam Monitoring
Paid Campaigns Setup
Real Time Reporting
Peak time posting
Gold Plan
Per Month
Facebook + Insta + Twitter Marketing
Account Creation
Weekly 5 - 7 Posts
Content Creation
5000 Free Likes/Subscribers
Spam Monitoring
Audience Building
Paid Campaigns Setup
Paid Campaign Monitoring
Real Time Reporting
Peak Time Posting
Note : Ads budget is excluded in these packages.

SEO Packages

Standard Package
Per Month
High-Quality Backlinks
Leading SEO software
Basic Competitor Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Target 10 Relevant Keywords
On-site SEO Optimization*
Successful Link Building
Monthly Ranking Report
Audit up to 20 Keywords
Social Bookmarking
Location Base Keywords
Plus Package
Per Month
Dedicated Account Manager
Intermediate Competitor Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Target 25 Keywords
On-site SEO Optimization*
Successful Link Building
Monthly Ranking Report
Audit up to 40 Keywords
Web Blog Posts (2 per month)
Enterprise Package
Per Month
Dedicated Account Manager
Advance Competitor Analysis
Improved Keyword Analysis
Target 50+ Keywords
Improved On-site SEO Optimization*
More Focused Link Building
Monthly Ranking Report
Audit up to 100+ Keywords
Boosted Regular Development Support
Social Media Posting
Web Blog Posts (4 per month)

note: Minimum of 3 months contract is compulsory for fruitful results.

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