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Server Side Solutions


For a successful website launch for any digital platform, it is important to set smooth and secure hosting environment and implementation. It is high time for business analysts to save their excessive cost by collaborating with a legacy software company providing both of these services under one roof at a budget-friendly cost. We, at Indus Valley Technologies, are able render safe and sound database development services using server-side codes which enables you to customize your web content for a specific audience. Our expert teams are experienced in creating intrusive websites capable enough to connect mobile applications and web applications. Our server-side solution services include:

  • Java Spring
  • Php Laravel
  • Node/ExpressJS
  • DevOps & CI ∞ CD
  • TDD & Automation Testing

Java Spring

The ever-evolving technologies are expanding the need for a smarter solution for developing easier and simpler websites that reaps productive outcomes. You can create a robust enterprise website, using Java Spring that provides smooth UIs, security, and transaction management services. Spring is so far the best component-based java framework which reduces extra errands and enhances the developer’s ability to write and deliver Java-based enterprise applications efficiently. At Indus Valley Technologies we provide you scalable, simple, and reliable enterprise applications. Our web development services will help you with meeting your business objectives. We have been offering web development services in London for quite some time and our successfully delivered projects demonstrate the prowess of our developers. We create productive applications using the smart framework that offers them flexible runtime and finds the missing piece of the puzzle for them.

PHP Laravel

The leading PHP framework, Laravel has been the most versatile and easy-to-use software acquired by companies worldwide. Businesses demand website applications to be structurally robust and that’s what PHP Laravel framework does. It makes the web application development procedure simple and faster. It renders the best features, scalability, and performance efficiency required to create an intuitive and robust web application which is the reason our skilled developers use Laravel. Regardless of the project type, big or small, our experienced developers can customize your web application using Laravel. Laravel provides ultimate security of data from a cyber-threat, unlike other frameworks. We provide you agile and quality services meeting your business requirements.


Another great server-side platform, Node, is used for creating real-time applications such as games, chats, or videos. NodeJS has the scalability to cater to thousands of requests without incurring expensive hardware and extensive hosting cost. The applications created using NodeJS platform are well-suited with cloud services where data can be edited (removed or added) automatically without disrupting the application. We have a diverse team of developers who works in synergies to provide you unique and creative web applications development services in Uk. Our talented teams will help you build fast and collateral web servers, interactive web applications, and real-time apps at the lowest possible rates. Our engineers focus on delivering productive and quality services simultaneously. Our talented teams will walk you throughout the journey from developing to marketing your app to accelerate your business operations.

DevOps & CI/CD

The term DevOps is the combination of Development and operations where organizational practices, structure, and tools are integrated so that you can distribute your web application services faster. In this model for the software deployment and infrastructure management, developers and operational teams work together to make the slow and complicated automation procedure simpler and faster. The implementation of DevOPs revamps the code quality without causing obstructions. At Indus Valley Technologies, we have curated developers with professional DevOps expertise to build versatile and credible software to provide you a better development workflow and fast app deployment. Our DevOps team combines the right tools and practices to create a perfect strategy for your application. We are dedicated to delivering quality services to build a sustainable and strong relationship with our clients. We use the top-to-bottom methodology to provide you DevOps application development services comprised of a practical approach aligning to your business need and requirement.

TDD & Automation Testing

Recently, Test-Driven Development (TDD) has been a prime focus of software engineers for whether or not it is an operational and viable practice for software development. Software development is comprised of writing codes that synchronize with business needs and requirements. To test the functionality of these codes software developers has created TDD and automated testing which ensures the written codes handle all the expected operations properly as well as the possibilities of its failure if an invalid input existed. It is just a matter of time when a new feature takes over the old results in creating bugs due to unmodified sources, our diligent developers offer an astute and insightful solution to implement the test automation. We have been known as a prestigious software company providing excellent automation testing services to our valuable clients in London.

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